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The NBA Doesn't Need the NBA Draft

As a fan, if your team isn't good enough playing into May or June, you may spend the NBA season watching college games as an amateur scout focused on the NBA Draft. If you're a fan of a small market team, the draft is even more vital to your franchise's chances to move up the standings because big-money free agents are less likely to choose middle size markets in the Midwest.  So for the NBA season, or for five seasons, you watch as your team's general manager puts together peculiar rosters with four non-shooters as your entire city silently cheers for competitive losses to get more ping pong balls for the draft. Year after year, your team throws away chances to win games to have a shot to pick someone who is not guaranteed to pull your team out of the lottery.  And honestly, if you're out of the lottery as a 5-8 seed in the playoffs, it's not good enough anyway. In three or four years of first round exists, you're tweeting "BLOW IT UP, STA