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It's Time for a Global NBA

The American sports calendar is full of yearly events that demand a lot of attention. January: NCAA Football Championship Game February: Super Bowl March: NCAA Tournament April: NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Game & the Masters May: Indianapolis 500 June: NBA/NHL Finals October: MLB World Series December: NCAA Bowl Season I know, I'm definitely missing a few, but these are the ones I'm usually keyed in on. With the NBA catching up to the NFL in American popularity and attention, the league still holds itself back because it lives by American sporting norms. On the flip side, the entire world was tuned in to the World Cup over the last 30 days or so. When our local radio station in Des Moines is talking about soccer every day for a month, that means the event has crossed the line and become mainstream. We didn't have a team in the World Cup. American casual fans have absolutely no reason to watch. And yet, the World Cup was still a pretty big d